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BBC Radio Jersey

Alison Moss in discussion with Rachel Pistol about the significance of the release of the Lord Pickles Alderney expert review on how many prisoners died in the Channel Island of Alderney during its Nazi occupation.

First broadcast May 22, 2024

BBC Radio 3

Anne McElvoy in conversation with Barbara Warnock, Rachel Pistol, Liza Weber and Daniel Lee about the preservation of historical documents and Holocaust research.

First Broadcast January 25, 2024

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BBC Radio 4

The story of a 19-year-old refugee, Konrad Eisig, a refugee in Great Britain who was interned and transported on HMT Dunera to Australia in 1940.

First Broadcast September 27, 2021

BBC Radio Devon

The 80th anniversary of the tragedy of the Arandora Star, 2nd July 1940 and internment camps in Seaton and Paignton during the Second World War.

First Broadcast July 7, 2020

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BBC World Service

The History Hour

The US Civil Liberties Act 1988

First broadcast Dec. 17, 2018

American History Too

Discover more about the so-called ‘Yellow Peril’, Japanese Internment during World War II, and why these issues are still relevant to modern day America.

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Channel 5 - No Place Like Home

Journalist and news broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire comes home to Greater Manchester, including a visit to the notorious former internment camp, Warth Mills.

The segment where Rachel discuss Warth Mills with Victoria starts at 28:15 in the video.

January 11, 2023

Sky News

Should Russian tennis players be banned from Wimbledon? Trevor Phillips is joined by: historian Dr Rachel Pistol and Dr Mike Duignan, Director of the Observatory for Human Rights and Major Events at the University of Surrey.

May 3, 2022

World War II: Total War

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Sky News

Dec. 26, 2016

Heir Hunters

BBC1, Mar. 3, 2014

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