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WW2 Internment Edited Collection - Call for Papers

Internment in Britain and the Internment of Britons in Europe 1939-1945: History and Heritage Responses

[or: British Internment and the Internment of Britons 1939-1945: Camps, History and Heritage]

Edited by Gilly Carr and Rachel Pistol


This edited volume will present a new, up to date discussion and analysis of civilian ‘enemy alien’ internment in Britain as well as the internment of British civilians on the continent. These perspectives will be supplemented by chapters on civilian internment camps run by the British within and on the margins of Europe.

A number of volumes on aspects of this subject have been presented before, although the majority focus on aliens interned in Britain (e.g. Cesarani and Kushner 1993, London 2000, Dove 2005, Grenville 2010, Pistol 2017), with statistics of the numbers involved changing with the latest research. This volume intends to gather up to date research in the one volume as well as bringing as many different camp histories together as possible to allow an overview of the British experience.

Less has been written about the experience of interned Britons on the continent during the Second World War compared with continentals interned in Britain. This volume aspires to bring together the British experiences in the one volume. We are particularly interested in the civilian internment camps in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Belgium which held British citizens, even if temporarily. These include:

· France: Brens, Gurs, Vernet, Noe, Nexon, Rivesaltes, St Denis, Vittel and Compiègne, Giromagny, Drancy

· Germany: Biberach, Laufen, Liebenau, Tost, Kreuzburg and Wurzach

· Italy: Badia, Bagno a Ripoli, Civitella del Tronto, Corropoli, Le Fraschette, Montechiarugolo, Petriolo, Pollenza, Solofra

· Belgium: Dongelberg

The focus on this volume will be the camps themselves: their history, their regime, and the memories of those interned within them. An important part of this will be a discussion of existing sources for analysis (such as official archival or family documents, oral testimony, material culture (including that which has been found through excavation), camp paraphernalia, photographs, etc.).

Authors should also consider the period between 1945 to the present day as issues concerning the heritage of the sites in question will be discussed. These include: discussions of site biography (use of the site after the period of civilian internment); heritage responses such as memorial plaques, museum exhibitions, heritage trails, excavations and the like; observations of what remains at the site today in the way of traces, ruins, buildings or extant features of the camp. Examples of memory or heritage activism on behalf of second and third generations or local inhabitants would also be welcome.

Publisher: The proposal will be submitted to Routledge in the first instance.

Timeline: expressions of interest by 31 July 2020 to Gilly Carr ( and Rachel Pistol (

Title, abstract and short author biog by 15 August 2020

Article submission by 30 April 2021 for peer review

Length: articles should be 6-7,500 words long

Number of images: this will be dictated by the publisher but is likely to be 3-6 images.


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